About Jewell

Jewell is a passionate yoga teacher who loves to travel and has been involved in yoga over 40 years!  She has been trained in the Amrit method, Hatha/Raja Yoga, which combines the physical posture with meditative awareness.  This type of yoga focuses on prana, our evolutionary life force and is the integration of body, mind and spirit.  She teaches yoga at several locations in Venice, FL including local community and retirement centers, as well as offering private sessions.  She especially loves teaching yoga connected to Mother Earth, whether in a sacred garden or on the beach.


Jewell is an accomplished massage therapist and Reiki practitioner with 15 years experience and a committed clientele.  Her prayer chaplain and Hospice volunteer background are intuitively guided into her sessions.


Her passion for teaching Sacred Frame Drum making workshops offers opportunity to facilitate ceremonial solstice, equinox, full/new moon and drum circles.  She has studied with Native American teachers, learning the importance of harmony and balance through Medicine Wheel Teachings, and often uses the drum with her massage clients.


Jewell walks softly on Mother Earth with grace and gratitude for what she has learned and is now ready to share with others that balance and bliss are possible.

About Marcia

Marcia is an Ordained Minister (Universal Brotherhood) , Reiki Master (Usui Method of Natural Healing) and Prayer Chaplain (Unity of Venice).  She utilizes these gifts, along with her love of Native American Teachings to bring Peace and Love to all.


As a Certified Dog Trainer (Animal Behavior College), her love of animals is evident in the way she helps her clients build a beautiful bond with their pet(s) by using positive reinforcement.


Marcia spent 23 years as an Elementary Physical Education Teacher.  She is currently a Technology Support Professional for Sarasota County Schools in Florida.


In her spare time, you will find her at a drum circle, playing her djembe and Native American flute, exploring nature, working in the yard, or spending time with her beloved yorkie, Nikki.


Walking the Red Road has truly been a gift and she is forever grateful to those who have come before her and shown her the way.   She is passionate about sharing those traditions with others through the workshops Sacredfusions provides.  Aho!

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