Testimonial by Danielle Ingle

Jewell and Marcia kept beautiful sacred space for us to explore the amazing power of the drum. This was a spiritual exercise as well as expert crafting instruction. I would recommend this class without reservation .

                                                                                                             - Joan

Recently, I had the great honor of participating in Jewell Cochara’s Sacred Drum making workshop. I loved the gentle, loving guidance as we created our wonderful frame drums. She facilitated in such a way that each step of making the drum was sacred, thus infusing ourselves and our drums with a very deep level of love.

                                                                                                                                     - De Luna


I've known Jewell for several years.  I've invited her to lead the morning Yoga Sessions at the Women's Retreats of Southwest Florida which are well attended.  She is dedicated to her work. More importantly she brings ritual and sacredness to all her circles, making the ordinary alive with spiritual consciousness. She presents a welcoming environment while holding sacred space and is responsive to every student's need. 

- Jo Mooy,

Women's Meditation and Retreat Leader

Although I am a beginner when it comes to Yoga, I have attended Jewell's Yoga class and a few others here in Sarasota, FL. In Jewell's class, unlike some of the others, I felt as if "I can do this." Jewell is a kind, competent and patient Yoga instructor. Her voice is soothing and her instructions are clear.  She makes me want to continue doing yoga.  Thank you Jewell for a lovely experience.
 - Patricia Cockerill,
Women's Meditation and Retreat Leader

Jewell is an amazing facilitator!  I have made 3 Sacred Hand Drums under her gentle, loving guidance!  She brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, absolute Sacredness in all events and ceremony, and an undeniable love for what she does!  No matter what type of event she is leading, you walk away with the most profound sense of gratitude!  Make no mistake....once you attend one of Jewell's events....you know you have been "Jewellized"!  What a beautiful soul!!!

 Marcia Huff,

Teacher, Reiki Master, Dog Trainer, Technology Coordinator

What is it about Jewell that makes her unique and why would you choose her as a teacher and guide? There are a few key points that constitute a superb teacher or training program. Jewell Cochara encompasses all of these important ingredients: she is a highly skilled teacher; she creates a safe, sacred learning environment; she has a natural clarity of vision, but most importantly she is a vessel of love, gentleness and kindness.  These attributes contribute to your experience of receiving blessings, guidance and healing from deep in her soul. Receiving any type of session or treatment from Jewell is like taking a journey into the depth of your soul to meet the person you truly are.  In a world filled with love and kindness Jewell is a beacon of both. Jewell takes every measure to ensure safety, integrity and authenticity creating an atmosphere of pure joy.  
 - Carol Wentz Randaci, AP, DOM (Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Naturopath and Energy Therapist)

Making my drum with Jewell's loving guidance was undeniably a spiritual highlight in my life.  Her reverence for the animal still brings a feeling of awe to me.  When someone can bring this respect to the creation of a drum, one realizes the drum is alive. 

 -  In deep gratitude, Mary Riley, Venice, FL

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